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 Welcome to the website of the Friends of Lake Meadows Billericay
An independent local charity, with volunteers working in partnership with Basildon Borough Council, Billericay Town Council for the benefit of the Billericay community. We help to care for the park, to promote its benefits, improve its facilities and encourage conservation and wildlife.
UK’s Best Park Award 2019

Great News!
We have just heard today that Lake Meadows has won the award for the "Best Park 2019" in the East of England. We will now be entered against the winners from the other 8 English regions
A big thank you to Park Users who took the trouble to vote for Lake Meadows as thier favourite park.

The Children seats in the Garden of the Child

The mushroom stools have been re-instated in the Garden of the Child. When they were initially put in place they only lasted ten days before some of our less responsible teenagers had deposited them in the lake. Having been cleaned and oiled we are pleased to see them back where they belong and being used by some very happy children.
The Friends wish to publicly thank Shaun and Harvey from "Garden Fencing Essex" coming on one of the hottest days of the year to re-insatll them. They volunteered to do this work at no cost to help our charity out; a truely public spirited gesture

Each of the mushrooms is etched with creatures; worms, bees and a butterfly. They were supplied by "Forest Crafts"

The funding came from patrons of the Co-op Store who generously put money in our buckets at the checkout. A big thank you to those who contributed and the Store for arranging
The Friends of Lake Meadows - Water Station Project

The Station will consist of a drinking fountain, a dog bowl and a bottle filler. This will hopefully enable park users (and their dogs) to keep hydrated also reduce the use of "single-use" plastic bottles.

Thank you to those who took the trouble to complete our survey. In the six days the survey was up we had 377 responses indicating that they thought that a water station would be a welcome addition to the Park and all except 5 said they would use it.

Evening Events For You To Enjoy

Everyone is welcome to join us for these events
£2 per person, free to FoLM members
Numbers limited – Booking required!!
Let’s go Batty!
A talk and walk to discover the bats in the park
Led by Peter Claughton Essex Bat Group
Tuesday August 20th 7.30pm

Who Dug the Lake?
A talk, with slides, about the History of Lake Meadows
Led by the Friends History Team
Wednesday September 4th 7.30pm

The 2019 Event was attended by nearly 500 people with many enjoying family picnics.
 Although not as hot as in previous years (which may have been a good thing) the rain held off.
We were entertained by

  • The Nimrod Margalit Quartet together with four local young musicians
  • Evangeline Brown - singing a variety of jazz and easy listening numbers
  • Heads UP! - Jazz Quartet - with their jazzed-up pop and popped-up jazz

Californian poppies add colour to the grasses area

Early Morning Bird Walk
This year our early morning Bird Walk was held on Sunday 19th May
The walk was fully subscribed, and enjoyed by all.
The birds were co-operative and sang their hearts out.
A big thank you to Neil Sumner who lead the walk and identified the various birds and their calls.
Name that Tree!

The "Name that Tree" walk was held on June 26th. The weather was perfect for the 90 minute walk lead by members of the Friends  Ecology Group.

Mushroom Update
Only ten days after the mushrooms arrived in the Garden of the Child - see above … some of our thoughtless, and not so bright, teenagers decided to spend half an hour or so uprooting the stools and depositing them in the lake. This was no mean feat, as the largest stool, complete with its concrete base, weighed over 30kgs. We could see the community's disgust by the many, many comments placed on Facebook.
Although only in place for such a short time, the mushrooms had been a big hit with young children, and it is they who are affected by this vandalism.
The mushrooms have been recovered and, when they have dried out, we will try to remove the stains due to the silt and put them back where they belong. Thanks to a kind offer from a fencing company in Chelmsford offering to re-set them in place, our veteran volunteers will be spared the job.  A further update coming soon.
Dates for your Diary 2019

Jazz in the Park
Saturday July 6th

Carols in the Park
Saturday 14th December

Hopefully you have appreciated the various garden areas.
The gardeners deserve a pat on the back for their efforts in 2018, with the very wet start to the year, followed by the very dry Summer months. Trowels were put away in December for a few weeks, but the gardeners started again on February 5th 2019.
The Wizard and Dragon
You may have noticed that the dragon had to be put in a cage whilst some major surgery took place. I am pleased to say that she did not suffer too much and that is delighted with her new "coat". Dragon says that she looks forward to meeting her young friends again.
Monthly Working Party

The next Working Party is planned for
July 20th from 9:30am

The 2019 Great Lake Race

This year's Great Lake Race took place on Sunday 5th May and proved to be an enjoyable and entertaining event. The weather was bright albeit a little chilly as the small flotilla of forty boats was set on its way across the lake.
Congratulations and a big thank you to all the children (and parents) who took the trouble to enter into the world of naval architecture. They provided many smiles for the hundreds of spectators on the footpaths around the lake.

 The Child in the Park
We are delighted to say that the "Child in the Park" has been re-installed onto its plinth in the Garden of the Child.

"The Child in the Park" and some of the FoLM Committee
We wish to thank all those individuals who made donations and to Billericay Town Council for their contribution. The money was used to repair the statue and re-fixing. In addition we would thank the sculptor, John Doubleday and Paul Joyce of Silverback Bronze Ltd (the foundry) for returning "The Child" to its former glory.

Event Videos

Check out these short videos

these videos have been kindly made for us by

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