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2020 Art in the Park Entry Form

Families are invited to have fun in the park this autumn by joining in our free fun activity! Your children could win a prize.
Collect some fallen autumn leaves, fir cones or acorns and make a design: it could be an abstract shape, it could be a picture with a story.
We have some simple rules for the Competition
Please only use fallen materials and don't pick leaves etc from trees and bushes.
Children should complete the design (although parents and carers are encouraged to guide them)
Whilst doing the activity
Encourage your children to look at the different shapes and colours of the leaves. Talk about why the leaves fall each autumn. Think about acorns and how they grow into oak trees and what other seeds have you noticed today?
Please be considerate of other park users at all times
Families undertake the activity entirely at their own risk so do take care.
All entries to be submitted using the foirm below.
Closing date Saturday November 14th at midnight
Please complete a form for each entry submitted

Contact Information

I agree that the Information submitted on this form may be held by Friends of Lake Meadows to enable the administration of the Competition

Please note that large files will take several seconds to send
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