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Activities that you can do with trees

Activities that you can do with trees
i)             How tall is that tree?
·         Fold a square piece of paper in half so that it forms a triangle.
Hold the triangle in front of one eye by holding a corner opposite from the 90º right angle and point the rest of the triangle toward you. One of the short sides should be horizontal (flat), and the other should be vertical (pointing straight up). You should be able to look up along the longest side by raising your eyes.
·         Move back from the tree until you can see the top of the tree at the top tip of the triangle. Close one eye and use the other to look directly along the longest side of the triangle, until you see the exact top of the tree.
·         Mark the spot where you are standing, then measure the distance from that spot to the base of the tree. This distance is almost the full height of the tree. Add your own height to this, since you were looking at the tree from the height of your eyes off the ground. Now you have the full answer!

ii)            How old is that tree?
·         Measure up the trunk to about the five-foot line on the tree. Measure the circumference around the tree at the 5-ft. line. Divide this number by 1 inch to get the age of the tree (so a tree with a 16 inch circumference is 16 years old).
·         If you prefer to use metric measurements, divide the circumference of the tree at this height by 2.5 cm to get the age (so a tree with a 45 cm circumference is 18 years old).

iii)          Making pictures with autumn leaves

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