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The Friends of Lake Meadows Events

The Friends have run a variety of events each year since 2014 which have been enjoyed by hundreds of people. Unfortunately Covid has prevented us holding them in 2020 and 2021.

“Jazz in the Park” have been our best attended event. Each year about 500 people have enjoyed the opportunity to picnic with friends and family listening to live music in the lovely surroundings of the park. All for free. We have had various artists and groups, with the young students that Nimrod Margalit brings along being especially memorable. What an opportunity for teenagers to perform in front of a big audience.
We thank Michael Barnard for his generous donation enabling us to purchase a marquee and to underwrite the following years of the event.
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"Bark in the Park” was run for five years from 2013. As well as having the dog competitions, we had dog display teams and stalls around the main field. Having failed to break even in 2016 and 2017 we decided to not run any more.
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The “Great Lake Race” was first held on Boxing Day 2012 and then each year until 2019, although the timing moved to the Spring. We would get about 75, boats all made by children out of recycled materials, who would race them across the Lake. The excitement for the families was clear to be seen and for the organisers to decide the start and finish, dependent on the prevailing wind. The "fun and games "which ensues has provided an attraction for many on the footpaths around the Lake.
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The “Carols in the Park” evening provides the opportunity for families to come and join in with well-known carols and experience a special event around the Christmas tree in the boathouse area. The mince pies, snacks and mulled wine help to enhance the atmosphere. The first year we expected 40 to 50 to attend but 120 came and the following years have seen attendances of about 200. As organiser it is quite exciting to see torches coming from all directions and as they get closer to make out the silhouettes of the families approaching together with chatter of the children.
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We have also run a number of small events for small groups.
Let’s go Batty, a talk followed by a walk. Sessions have been held annually for up to thirty to learn about the bats in the park, before going for a walk and using bat monitors to locate upto five different types around the park. We finish with the exciting chance to pick up the Daubenton’s bats skimming across the lake in your torch beams.
Talk on the history of Lake Meadows. Several talks have been held in the park and also in the town for local organisations. Starting from medieval times, through to Major Spitty’s time as owner of the land and the person who had the lake dug (by hand), on to the purchase of the land by “Billericay Urban District Council” and through to the modern day.
Early Morning Bird Walk. These walks start before breakfast and are led by an expert who helps identify the calls of some of the many varieties of birds that visit and make their homes in the park
Tree  Walk, Lake Meadows is very lucky to have a large selection of trees, many of which are of specimen quality. About forty types of tree have been selected and have name plates on the trunks. Groups of about a dozen are able to follow the trail with a guide and can learn a little about the trees and how their wood and fruits were used historically. A Tree Trail map, listing the trees is available from our Information hut
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