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The majority of the flower beds and gardens have been entrusted by Basildon Borough Council to Friends of Lake Meadows to manage and improve. These include the herbaceous borders by the tennis courts, the nearby rose beds and since its refurbishment the garden around the Child in the Park statue.
FoLM has formed an informal gardening group that within a limited budget, plans and maintains the beds.  The group meets every Tuesday between 9:30am and 11:30am by the tennis courts. We plan to start our 2018 campaign on February 6th.
Over the last four years we have created the "Sensory" beds, changed three of the old annual flower beds into shrub beds, are slowly enhancing the long bed by the tennis courts and of course planting out the raised bed with its Summer and Winter planting. Last year we created the new rock and grasses bed near to the children' play area and planted areas at the east end of the Lake. We also look after the large rhododendron bed
We would love to increase the number of volunteers willing to join us on Tuesday mornings. With more people involved we will be able to raise the standards we achieve. If anyone wishes to be involved please email by clicking here.
June 7th 2016

The Gardening Group today completed the planting out of the Raised bed in the Garden area.

The gardeners put in excess of 20 hours over two days to plant the 1500 plants and although not to everybody's taste the afternoon rain was gardeners' delight.

This year the design has been done in memory of Reg King. Reg was the park-keeper at Lake Meadows for 33 years between 1954 and 1987. The raised bed was his pride and joy and he designed a different display every year. He also planted many of the beautiful trees in our park.
He passed away last year.
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