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Great Lake Race Rules

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Friends of Lake Meadows
The Great Lake Race Sunday May 5th 2019
Start of Race 2pm
Registration from 1.30pm
1.    All boats must be homemade using recycled materials e.g. paper, card, plastic bottles, plastic bags, drinking straws or wood offcuts.
2.    No proprietary model kit boats will be accepted.
3.    No propeller or power system may be used except sail power on the day.
4.    Boats must only be launched by official Friends of Lake Meadows stewards.
5.    FoLM cannot guarantee that boats will be returned to owners.
6.    No one is allowed to enter the water to assist their launch.
7.    A registration fee of £2 per boat must be paid at the FoLM Registration desk. Friends of Lake Meadows can enter as  many boats as they wish, free of charge. On registration, an official numbered sticker will be provided for your boat.
8.    Only registered boats with an official numbered sticker will be allowed to race.
9.    The Officers of the Friends of Lake Meadows:
         •      reserve the right to cancel the event if weather conditions are inclement;
         •      reserve the right to withdraw any boat that does not conform with these rules;
10. The decision of the FoLM organiser is final.
First Aid is provided by a qualified First Aider at the FoLM Information Centre
The event organiser will be wearing a bright orange jacket
All FoLM stewards will be wearing bright yellow tabards
The Friends of Lake Meadows has full Public Liability Insurance to cover this and other events. The society works in close partnership with Basildon Borough Council and thanks them for giving permission to use the park for this event.
It will speed up the Registration on the day if you can complete an Entry Form and bring with you. You will then be able to just collect your numbered sticker and pay your entry fee if not a member. Remember you can also join the Friends and gain free entry. You will be able to complete memebership details on teh reverse of the registration form.

Don't worry if you cannot print out a form as you will be able to complete one at the day.
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