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 Welcome to the website of the Friends of Lake Meadows Billericay
An independent local charity, with volunteers working in partnership with Basildon Borough Council, Billericay Town Council for the benefit of the Billericay community. We help to care for the park, to promote its benefits, improve its facilities and encourage conservation and wildlife.
Thank you Co-op!

We were delighted to receive  another large cheque for £8,706 from the Co-op through their Local Community Fund. The money will be used to carry out work in the Garden of the Child. Each year they support three local organisations through the local members being able to select their favoured cause. This year they have awarded the grand total of £19,721.

The Friends would like to thank the Co-op and their membership, who through the scheme, contribute 2p in the £ on "Own brand" goods and services purchased
Thank You Waitrose !

The Friends , as a local Charity, were recipients of an award from
“Waitrose Community Matters”
The large cheque was presented on behalf of Waitrose by Julie and received by Peter, vice chair and Pam, volunteer gardener. A couple of trolleys of plants were also given and the gardeners were delighted to plant them in the Park a few days later,.
The £500 will be used to supplement our gardening equipment and the remainder to enhance the garden areas
The Gardening Volunteers

The Committe of The Friends of Lake Meadows wish to thank the gardeners who have worked so hard this year to keep the garden areas tidy and to enhance the planting. Hopefully thjis has added to visitors enjoyment of our fantastic park.
There are currently 30 volunteer gardeners registered and most weeks 18-22 attend.

As well as the main gardens and rhododendron bed, they look after the Garden of the Child, the cornus beds at the east end of the lake, the grasses and rockery near the play area, the entrances at the main gate and Hillhouse Drive gate.together with the fern and helibore bed for those entering the park from Lake Avenue.
They will take a well earned break for seven weeks spanning the Christmas period.
Swimming Pool in Lake Meadows
Planned re-opening April 12th
The Pool is run by Firststrokes and details can be found on their website
Cycle Rack Project
Our latest project has been to provide bike racks at the main entrance.
We received funding for the stainless-steel racks from Essex C.C, through their campaign
and the Basildon Parks Dept carried out the installation; both of whom we should like to thank..
The bike racks will encourage people to cycle to the park, with its health and eco-friendly benefits, although riding in the park itself is actually illegal under local byelaws.  
Billericay parkrun

We are delighted that the Billericay parkrun is now able to be run again in Lake Meadows. The adult run is held each Saturday and the Junior run each Sunday both starting promptly at 9am.
Commemorative Oak Tree
As part of Billericay’s commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620, the Friends of Lake Meadows have planted an English oak (Quercus Robur), which we hope will be in its prime at the 500th anniversary. Luckily we were able to complete its planting on our last group day for our volunteers before the stand down.

The grasses and rock area by the lake
The grasses have provided interest throughout the winter. They have now been trimmed & thinned and new growth is showing and will provide an attractive display in the Summer brightened by the orange California poppies.
The rhododendron walk
If in the Park, do take a special look at this area, as it is already a blaze of colour, with the primulas, daffodils and cherry trees. In a few weeks the rhododendrons and forget-me-nots will be adding their beauty and colour.

A New Grove of Elms

A small grove of six elm trees has been planted on the old pitch and putt course. In the centre is a rustic bench from which there is a good view of the east end of the Lake.
The planting is to mark the  40th anniversary of the Lions Club of Billericay . The project was carried out in association with the Billericay Tree Wardens.

The photo by BTW

The Children's seats in the Garden of the Child

The mushroom stools have been re-instated in the Garden of the Child. When they were initially put in place they only lasted ten days before some of our less responsible teenagers had deposited them in the lake. Having been cleaned and oiled we are pleased to see them back where they belong and being used by some very happy children.
The Friends wish to publicly thank Shaun and Harvey from "Garden Fencing Essex" coming on one of the hottest days of the year to re-install them. They volunteered to do this work at no cost to help our charity out; a truly public spirited gesture

Each of the mushrooms is etched with creatures; worms, bees and a butterfly. They were supplied by "Forest Crafts"

The funding came from patrons of the Co-op Store who generously put money in our buckets at the checkout. A big thank you to those who contributed and the Store for arranging
Monthly Working Party

Please note that we have had to cancel working parties until firther notice

Lake Meadows has won the award for the "Best Park 2019" in the East of England.
A big thank you to Park Users who took the trouble to vote for Lake Meadows as thier favourite park.
The Fields-in-Trust charity organised the competition as part of its remit to to ensure the importance of parks and green spaces in the UK is recognised. Over 38,000 people showed how they beleive this, by voting in the competition

 The Child in the Park
We are delighted to say that the "Child in the Park" has been re-installed onto its plinth in the Garden of the Child.

"The Child in the Park" and some of the FoLM Committee
We wish to thank all those individuals who made donations and to Billericay Town Council for their contribution. The money was used to repair the statue and re-fixing. In addition we would thank the sculptor, John Doubleday and Paul Joyce of Silverback Bronze Ltd (the foundry) for returning "The Child" to its former glory.

The Wizard and Dragon
You may have noticed that the dragon had to be put in a cage whilst some major surgery took place. I am pleased to say that she did not suffer too much and that is delighted with her new "coat". Dragon says that she looks forward to meeting her young friends again.
Event Videos
Check out these short videos

these videos have been kindly made for us by
Funeralcare,who kindly sponsor our newsletter printing, inform us that they are holding Bereavement Meetings on the 1st Wednesday of each month at their office, 30 High Street. For more information call 01277 658007
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