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The Woodland

At the top of the park, not far from the Lake Avenue entrance, is a small area of woodland. Less than two acres (0.8 hectare) in size, the wood may once have been joined to Norsey Woods and is almost definitely an area of ancient woodland. Evidence of plants such as wood anemones and bluebells support this theory.
The wood has a mix of trees, mainly sycamore and a few oaks, plus an elm, all with holly scrub beneath. Several ditches cross the wood, taking water from the springs in the Stock Road area, down to the lake.  A circular hard-surface granite dust path enables access to everyone.
The wood is home to several mammals and bats have recently used the bat boxes. Birds including woodpeckers and tree creepers have been spotted here. In the Spring the drumming of the woodpeckers can be heard.
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