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Woodland Conservation

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Behind the tennis courts and p├ętanque terrain by Lake Meadow's Lake Avenue entrance is a 1.2 acre ancient woodland believed to once have been connected to Norsey Woods. This little known corner of Lake Meadows has tranquil shady paths. Daffodils and snowdrops appear here in the Spring and is home to many bird species.
Friends of Lake Meadows and Basildon Borough Council have targeted this area for improvement by laying better paths, cutting back foliage to improve access, removing dead trees and clearing the ditches to improve drainage to this area and the rest of the park.
One of our goals in the park is to promote fish life and combat blue-green algae by improving aeration of the lake and generally improve drainage in the park. So, maintaining drainage in the woodland, the source of much of the water flowing into the lake through pipes near the bowling green and golf area, is an important piece of our overall conservation plan.

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